What is it

Owino.net Lockdown Market Information an information system designed to help the Ugandan public quickly find reliable information about market suppliers during lockdown. The goal is to put market supplier contacts one click away.​

The system shall benefit the public in various ways:-
  • Firstly, the system works as a delivery services directory​
  • Secondly, it is a reviewed list of contacts which saves consumers time to verify contacts shared on social media.​
  • Thirdly, the system helps consumers get in touch with vendors much more quickly.​

How it works

  • Visit www.owino.net and click on a Market. A list of telephone contacts of coordinating persons per market.
  • A buyer can call or whatsapp a cordinator within a click of a button.
  • A coordinating person will receive an order via phone call and assign it to a vendor/vendors and to an accredited transporter.
  • The transporter picks the order and transports the same to the consumer
This is a process that has been happening and we are only helping make it better.


The information system has a collection of very useful tools which are designed to help users have a great experince

  1. Phonebook

    This is a list of all phone contacts of market cordinators, vendors and transporters. It is is garthered by our data entrants from documents and information shared on social media. It is reviewed and verified, then stored on our database in an organised and easy to use manner.

  2. Notice Board

    This is page that lists all brochures shared by reliable and legitimate market cordinators, producers and suppliers. Only confirmed brochures are posted.

Keep a safe distance

Stay home if you can

Wash hands regulary

Cough into your elbow

Dont touch your face